2021 in Pisticci..becoming a painting robot…

There seems very little artistic about painting portraits at speed, though a useful skill maybe.

However on thinking about it I suppose I should theoretically improve if I painted more portraits and at speed there is no reason why I wouldn’t actually paint with more confidence.

I am wittering to be sure, but I’m tired. I think I may have taken on too much for this week, but I am slightly exhilarated by the rush. And finding that I can do more than I thought.

There was no bench painting for me today as one of my portraits is needed for Wednesday. And it rained.

All day I’ve painted people. Apart from a short break to deliver 2 paintings.

And tomorrow will likely be the same.

It’s a bit cold and damp outside tonight. Brutto is wandering around inside . He considered climbing up on the other armchair but changed his mind. The little white cat jumps up on my chair and nags me until I stroke it. I am fairly sure it belongs to a neighbour from my last house.

It looks like another evening with no street lights in Dirupo.

Thank goodness it’s wine time.


Brutto arrives every evening. And just waits…..

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