2021 in Pisticci… finished….and nearly finished…

Who would have thought that painting benches could have been stressful…and on the whole I have enjoyed the experience  very much. But today I had to paint the patron Saint of Pisticci, San Rocco on a bench  and as I said to Teresa “It’s a big responsibility”.

However with some considerable  fiddling around to get his features on the wood and not the space between it worked out okay.

Tomorrow I am to paint fireworks. That should be interesting.

Right now, thanks Mary. I love rainbows and I love the Italian word   , arcobaleno.

It’s been raining and thundering most of the time I have been finishing the 3d of 3 portraits which are due tomorrow. I am relatively pleased with them. I finally decided that they were all done. Signed them and contacted the client. (If I had been given a month to do them I would have likely done most of the work in a week and then spent 3 weeks fiddling with them. Finishing is hard.)

So for now I am free .

Last night I ordered a chair…or a seat. It’s one of these where you sort of kneel and sit at the same time. And it has wheels so I can scoot about on it. But mainly I bought it because I want to be able to paint or even just sit comfortably. Even before my back started to hurt , it used to ache after painting. And standing up is not an option for some subjects. So it’s a work expense. Guilt free spending.

It would be nice to chose what to do this weekend. I did have a plan at one point to not work at weekends.

Now it’s wine time and I might go and see if the rainbow is still there.


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