2021 in Pisticci… today I made a seat.

Am still feeling very tired. But I did go shopping. Must go more often so that I don’t have such a heavy rucksack.

I think I remember feeling like this every year in September when the weather changes.

It was very exciting when the delivery man arrived at the door with a big cardboard box. It was quite heavy.

After opening it I laid everything out on the floor and looked at the instruction sheet.

It occurred to me that it must be lunch time.

After lunch I thought maybe a a short read/nap would get me in the right mood for seat building.

Then some peanut butter helped a bit.

Eventually when I could put it off no more I decided to make a start. To my relief there were not as many pieces as I had thought.

It is a pity that I am useless with instructions. I looked at the photos of the finished seat. Then back at the instructions again. I found the piece that attached to the seat and screwed it on.

That was good. As for the rest , it was a lot of guess work and it is possible that I screwed it together the wrong way round.

Looks okay I think . Is very comfortable

I think I am not very good at picturing how things work. It took ages to figure it out .

I tried it at my desk and it fits in without being too close to the stove , so now I have no more excuses for not getting on with computer work.

It also fits perfectly under my little art table where I can store it.

And my birly wheelie computer stool which I have had for about 12 years and which constantly tries to tip me over by subtly loosening its screws is now looking very nice covered with a lace curtain as a bedside table. Sorted!

I found some faces for painting on a Pinterest site so am all ready to carry on with my little practice portraits tomorrow. …comfortably!

Cheers 🍷🍷

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