2021 in Pisticci….small new plan….

Has been another dull day until a couple of hours ago when the sun came out again.

Looks more cheerful

It has been a slow day, watching YouTube videos on painting portraits and lying about.

By about 2pm I was bored enough to come up with a plan. It occurred to me that I could practice painting little portraits on the small square off cut scraps of canvas I have been saving. Also I could use some of the images I have painted recently and see what happened.

What happened was that it was a lot more difficult than I thought. Which has made me more determined to paint several more until I think I can comfortably make a good job.

This is about 10x13cms and is not very good …but I will get better.

It’s nice to have a little plan.

I hope my new seat arrives soon as after an hour and a half painting my back ached.

Am looking forward to starting some other things tomorrow. Theoretically I have earned enough to live on for a month in the last week…or I will have when I am paid. So I should be able to paint for myself for a while. I sort of believe that if I ever want to create anything special it will be when I am free to paint what I like.

I found these paintings on facebook memories today.

I loved painting scenes like this .
I had gone out determined to treat myself to something over the top sweet. It was. …. always loved this painting.

It will be nice to start a new week.


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