2021 in Pisticci ….” the evil printer”

Have spent 5 hours today trying to connect my printer to my WIFI. I am impressed by my resilience. I tried everything I could think of, I googled help, I used common sense, and nearly got there several times, but finally I gave up for today and put it out of sight so it wouldn’t bother me by looking smug and evil.

I went outside and drew the cracks in the street which calmed me down quite a lot.

Then I put wine in one of my nice old local cups just for a change and sat outside .

Bought a set of these plus a jug years ago at an antiques market.

I’m glad I went to the supermarket this morning. At least I did something. And on the way I spoke to the nice street sweeping lady who said that tourists were taking photos of our mural.

On the way back an elderly gentleman, smiling broadly, asked what I was doing walking so fast this fine morning. As I had been concentrating on bouncing along like I used to do before my sore back made me feel like an old lady, I smiled equally broadly back, and then all the way home. Still smiling when I think about it.

Am relatively proud of myself for being able to tell the difference between a disaster and not being able to make my printer work, today.

Hopefully I will still feel the same tomorrow .

In the meantime it’s Saturday evening and I have a big slice of melon.

And wine 🍷. Cheers.

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