2021 in Pisticci….off to see Giuseppe Conte

At least I think that is what I am doing. He will be in Marconia tonight and a friend asked if I would like to go. I am quite excited.

I would have liked to have thanked him for making me feel safe while the virus was at its worst in Italy. I think we have been lucky to have first him and now Draghi in charge of Italy these last 2 years.

The local elections are happening soon and as our current sindaco is a member of the 5 star party he must be coming to show support.

I honestly have not much of an idea what the different policies of the parties are, but if I could vote then I would vote for the current sindaco who I admire greatly. As far as I know she is honest, hard working and unfailingly polite and cheerful.

In these days I think honesty trumps everything else. Probably I am a bit naive. But actually I don’t apologise for that. It doesn’t mean everything is right. I have a feeling that the New Zealand prime minister said that Kindness matters too.

Think I will stop now and finish this when I get back. ……

Hours later and I am still in Marconia.

It was a prize giving for the benches I was actually coming here for , but as it has not happened yet I got to see Giuseppe conte . I didn’t really understand much of what he said but I was quite impressed by the fact he spent ages afterwards signing autographs and doing selfies. He seems like a really nice guy and the people here loved him.

So we are still waiting for this prize giving and in the meantime there is a bad fire and the direct road home may be closed.

What a night. And no wine!!!!!

Cheers in anticipation. 🍷🍷

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