2021 in Pisticci….the fire hadn’t  gone out after all…

And today is was even worse . People were evacuated.  Friends left their houses , but are back now.  The sindaco has been to see and there have been 3 canada-air fireplanes  water bombing the area for hours.

I watched an interview with the sindaco and she was asked if it had been started deliberately.  I don’t  think that’s  known yet.

It’s tragic for the trees and the vegetation.  As far as I know no people or houses were hurt, but the trees are essential to stop soil erosion  . It’s a very  delicate environment here. I won’t go into it ,but we need the trees and the plants to keep the earth together so that the edges of the town don’t collapse. I am on the edge. Several years ago thousands of euros were spent on a heavy green net which was tacked all the way across the end of my street and up by the church. . You can’t see it now as the plants grew up through it, but it’s to be hoped that the fire this summer didn’t destroy it.

It’s not like Pisticci hasn’t been here for a very long time time, but Dirupo, where I live was built on the rubble of Terrevecchia which fell down about 400 years ago . The last bit of falling down was in the 60s I think and over at the other side of town.

I can still hear the fire planes flying overhead.

View from my street earlier today.

It’s been a bitty sort of day.

I finished, then adjusted my latest commission. ( and then fiddled with it for the rest of the day) The end of the nose looked like a little face and once I had seen it I couldn’t unsee it. Finally fixed it about 5pm.

Then I rashly decided to have another try with the evil printer. You would not believe the list of things I can’t do. Every option wouldn’t work. I did manage to print something using a cable and I found ink online for the old printer. But nothing would connect to anything else. My photos which should be stored on my laptop as well as my phone are not up to date on my laptop for no reason that I can see. I could go on and on ,but I was just feeling a bit relaxed , so I won’t .

More planes passing.

Am glad it’s wine time and I have no more commissions. I want to do some of my own stuff for a while. Theoretically I have earned enough to last me all month already.

Hope the fire is out soon.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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