2021 in Pisticci….worked all day …..

Was an early start as I was woken up by distant knocking noises from above. I lay there wondering how I would know if there was an emergency and my old neighbour was needing help. Did she know morse code? Eventually I heard the sound of her chair scraping along the tiles so all was well.

This is a portrait of her I did several.years ago. Someone put it on facebook today.

I thought that I’d try and organise myself to begin writing again. It seemed to work if I wrote before I did anything else. That was before Brutto. Who now waits outside until I open the door and then comes inside and meows loudly until the eggs are cooked and we share them outside.

Having dealt with that I sat down at my desk and realised that I couldn’t see my keyboard . So I moved to the end of the desk and that was better. I could look out the door which was nice. I think I’m best at wittering on , so I did. Joined at one point by the little white cat which jumped up on the desk to see what I was doing.

As my weather forecast said it would be sunny with some clouds I thought I might do some washing. That turned out to be 2 loads as I discovered a suspicious wet patch on the sheepskin where the little white cat had been sitting. That might explain the strange smell in my gallery yesterday as well, so bedding washed too.( and little white cat is banned from house now)

Weather forecast was wrong again and I returned home from the farmacia just as It started to rain. The clothes went in and out like a yoyo all afternoon.

All my suitable photos are now on my tablet ready to paint and I’ve made rough sketches of them all.

Attempting a thing called Notan.

Everything ,but the sheepskin is dry now, I downloaded the second part of the Dublin Trilogy and found a new book by Faith Martin who I think is a very reliable writer. Going to save that book for the weekend. The flowers are watered , dishes washed and I am organised to sleep in the attic tonight.

I’ll see how hot it is. Been looking forward to sleeping on my new mattress.

And after a day with a lot of little achievements I can have a glass of wine and relax.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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