2021 in Pisticci….a human being or a human doing….

Years ago someone said to me ,” Anne you are supposed to be a human being not a human doing. ” I understood that to mean that ” being” was more important than “doing”.

However I still judge my days on how much I achieve.

Today was not a very ” achieving ” sort of day.

It was funny to begin with as the little white cat strolled in and with some effort pulled over the catfood bag and then stuck her head and paw in and scooped out food.

When she had finally eaten enough she jumped up on the chair beside me so that I could stroke her. She knows what she wants.

Poor Brutto is a bit socially awkward. Although now he likes being stroked and even occasionally purrs, but it’s like he doesn’t quite know what is happening to him.

There may be a serious amount of projection in how I am understanding these 2 cats.

Then I spent nearly 2 hours on a phone call. That was nice.

I’ve read quite a lot more of the current book I am enjoying. ( the Dublin Trilogy)

To be fair I spent some time watching art videos by the man with the boring voice. I like his ideas. I even considered buying water mixable oil paints.

Eventually I went out for a small photo walk to get some landscape photos to practice loose painting.

Like these. Maybe tomorrow.

Now I’m sitting outside trying to wake myself up. Am also thinking that yesterday was the last bench I am painting as after 2 weeks my back was feeling almost normal and now it’s ached all day again.

Hurray , it’s Monday tomorrow and I can start over again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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