2021 in Pisticci… Sunday again….

The days are going by so fast.

Today it was quite warm outside and I was able to sit outside and read for a while.

I thought I would try and do nice things so I looked out some lasagne from the freezer and with the help of my trusty hammer and a knife managed to separate a portion. ( 3 left now)

Did a few final adjustments to the portrait of the fishermen which I have been working on and then signed it.

Chatted to my sisters on video WhatsApp. I still think it is amazing that I can do that for free.

Have partly organised my next portrait , but am not happy with it so I may re draw it tomorrow.

This week am planning to cheer up. ( will see if that works) I think maybe I’ve been comparing myself unfavourably too much.

So cheers 🍷🍷

Half an hour ago. Beautiful….


  1. You are very courageous to be doing this and I congratulate you and wish all the success on your way.
    I have done a few adventures and travels when I was younger and am proud of each one of them.
    All the best

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