2021 in Pisticci….something to look forward to ……

As I had decided that going to Scotland for Christmas probably wasn’t a good idea for lots of reasons I was feeling a bit fed up.

Then this morning when flicking through Facebook I found a post advertising Pisticci Christmas Market and a number to phone to book a stand. It is to be held in the piazza nearest me so I would have no trouble carrying things there.

I am booked. It is held on 5 evenings starting on the 8th of December and the last one is on the 28th.

It is great to feel like Life is returning to normal. I am looking forward to being part of a group as much as anything.

On the way home after paying WIFI bill.

Other than that I paid my electric bill online. ( Is still a treat to just press buttons and it’s done) I notice that it’s about a third more than last year.

My WIFI bill finally arrived and it’s now paid too.

I went home by the back streets as they are not as slippy as the main street. It is very, very humid.

I was thinking when I lit the stove that it was probably a good idea just to keep the house dry. Damp is rampant here.

I have now started my latest portrait 3 times and I am considering a 4th.

But now it’s wine time and an episode of Frost.


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