2021 in Pisticci …..portrait painting…

And a little dose of Patti Smith. Am reading “Just Kids” and loving it.

But mostly today I painted my latest portrait. I began by drawing it for the 4th time. The problem has been fitting it on the canvas without looking either squashed or too little and therefore too much background . Finally it is “just right ” .

So far I’ve painted the face and virtually finished it.Then this afternoon I did a rough cover of the background and the jacket. It looks very respectable so far.

I’ve quite enjoyed today.

There was time for a quick trip to the supermarket.

A bit of reading.

Messaging a friend.

Making enough lunch for 3 days.

And thinking about taking part in the Christmas Market.

It’s foggy again and humid outside. I feel that lighting my stove is not just keeping me warm but keeping my house dry. It is so humid here that it is normal to feel that your clothes are damp when you get dressed.

Happily it is wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Half an hour ago……

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