2021 in Pisticci…..more portrait painting and colouring in.

And no exercise.. not even my little bit yoga.

This morning I worked on my latest portrait and as I am not rushing , then I quite enjoyed it and stopped at lunch time.

It looks fairly good so far. Portraits always look good, I think ,when I have only painted the eyes and mouth. I need to fix the nose on this one. Noses are difficult. At least I am working from a good photo.

After lunch it was ” colouring in” time and I enjoyed it so much ( accompanied by “Agatha Raisin”) that I didn’t stop until after 5pm.

Managed to capture some of the higgeldy piggeldyness.

Really tested myself with this one.

And that was it for today…except that my biodegradable bags were delivered so that’s one thing organised for the market.

Must go out tomorrow and get some exercise.

But right now am cosy, pleased with today’s work and enjoying a glass of wine.


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