2021 in Pisticci….Trying to draw a scooter…..

It’s not easy to draw a scooter as I don’t really understand scooters and especially  wheels. I can still remember spending 2 hours on a a wheel in a painting I did years ago.

However I think a scooter in a painting might make it more sellable.

Painted this a lot of years ago. It was a scene from a scooter rally in Ostuni.

It has never sold due to it not being Pisticci and also because I don’t want to sell it.

Today’s little sketch for watercolour  is not nearly so complicated. 

Have painted this little house so many times.

I also worked on my baby portrait today. I think it looks lovely. I used lots of layers which I blended with my finger to create the skin. Might finish it tomorrow. It’s so nice not to rush.

Have just read that Basilicata is the safest region in Italy right now.

Am still stealth stockpiling  though.

It’s been a lovely day and I am pleased to say that I went to supermarket and bought heavy stuff .( walking and weights )and I remembered to do my minimal yoga.

So now I can sit down, drink wine and relax.


Half an hour ago.

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