2021 in Pisticci.. ..was a bit homesick.

It will be 2 years since I have been back to Scotland . The last time was in 2019 for Christmas.

Who knew what would happen next.

There had already been the brexit vote and I was , like millions of others, feeling a bit ….or on a bad day, seriously  insecure.

I expected to get a state pension the following  year after waiting  6 years. Even the minimum would have made an enormous difference. That didn’t and won’t ever happen.

And now the virus seems as bad as it ever was. Worse in the UK than Italy, but here we are preparing for the worst.

Other than that everything  is fine….well apart from  a very strong wind blowing up my street which has made me shut the shutters incase the windows blow in.

Tomorrow  the forecast is not exactly  comfortable  for the Christmas Market.  Drizzle and strong winds.

As I am sitting here with a glass of wine and the stove burning,  having sold 5 watercolours in the last 2 days I am not that bothered.

My 2 children’s  portraits are finished and look fine. I drew 2 more pen sketches today as one of my watercolours is popular.

Just the colouring in bit to do.

Thank goodness for WhatsApp and the internet. I don’t like to imagine how homesick I might be by now.

Had a lovely long chat with my daughter. It wasn’t quite like being there , but beats letter writing by a mile.

Hoping next year I will see my family again for real.

But for now am warm and ” successful” and maybe I’ll be doing my first Christmas Market tomorrow at this time. (Though I don’t mind not freezing , getting soaked or my paintings blown away.)

Cheers 🍷🍷

You can’t see the wind…

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