2021 in Pisticci .. all or nothing….

Sometimes it feels like that I either have no work or else I have a lot all at once.

But it’s quite exciting really when I don’t have to chose what I will do because I have a lot work

And now I have another 2 commissions .

So the plan for this week is to finish the 2 baby portraits, spend a day preparing for the Christmas Market, get my booster vaccine, and do another 2 watercolours . If I have time to begin the 3 small portraits that would be good, but next week will do.

Fingers crossed that I don’t have a bad reaction again to the vaccine. I haven’t time.

Today I moved back into my main living space to paint. This time I brought my home made light. It seems to be okay. It is very chilly in the work room.

I added a box to stand the tablet on so that it was higher.

It’s been cold and damp again.

I’ve just read that it’s possible that the whole of Italy could be locked down in January. Better keep on with the stealth stockpiling then. And maybe take some more photos when it’s the next sunny day so that I can get on with lots of watercolours while am stuck at home.

Now a glass of wine and something interesting on youtube will be nice.


About an hour ago

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