2021 in Pisticci…almost like life before covid

I enjoyed being part of the Christmas Market enormously.

I had forgotten how much I loved doing markets.

So although I had a profitable evening it was the feeling of belonging, being out there again and meeting lots of people that was the best bit.

Meeting friends, customers, and possible new clients, as well as selling quite a few paintings made for a sociable fun time. I also have several possible new commissions .

A whole lot of smiling going on….

And then there were fireworks. Since I came to live in Pisticci I have come to love fireworks. And there are fireworks for every occasion.

They got even better , but I was too busy watching to take photos.

It was good to finish at 10pm and walk home.

Am thinking of getting a “granny trolley ” for next time.

Today, thanks to a friend’s advice, I have booked an appointment for a booster tomorrow instead of just turning up.

And then I’ve mostly sat and ” coloured in”. I’m making 2 copies of one of my watercolours and it’s very comfortable near the stove

Today I was accompanied by ” Lord Peter Wimsey”

It’s been cold and miserable outside.

Now it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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