2021 in Pisticci ..a good day to get a booster …..

Today there were 96 people positive for covid in Basilicata. That is I think almost double the number from previous days.

This time I got the bus to the hospital. ( from a new bus stop …which luckily a kind bus driver pointed out to me or I would have watched it drive past me. )

It was good that I had booked and with a minimum of muddle I was out in less than 2 hours .I was there almost an hour early. That is my 3d pfizer vaccination. Fingers crossed that this time I don’t feel as horrible as last time. I have prepared for the worst however.

So I went shopping and have enough food for several days. My 2 commissioned watercolours are finished and ready to be picked up. The 2 latest portraits have been collected.

As I’ve been invited out for a birthday pizza tonight then I hope all will be well.

Tonight I am drinking glogg. The Swedish version of mulled wine because I am cold. It’s been difficult to get my room heated up today. It’s now up to 21C which is just about okay.

Glogg in traditional mug from Grottaglie.

Cheers .


  1. gosh Anne, I did not know you had a reaction to the last shot. I guess what? We left the next day? Anyway I did suffer the booster it was not peasant, hope you don’t suffer as I did. But just realize it is short misery and you will be safer than you were before it. love

  2. Hi. Here’s hoping! Felt a bit sick and shivery last night and then I got a sore arm and cheered up as I didn’t have that the last time . Prefer sore arm to sick.
    But you’re right. Should be safer.

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