2021 in Pisticci….missing sitting on my doorstep…

There is such a lot going on right now.

Who was the idiot who said ” oh yes I can paint 5 portraits before Christmas and do 2 Christmas Markets.”

Oh dear…..that was me.

To be fair I am 80% finished the first 3 and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do the other 2 by next week.

I just don’t like rushing.

There has been a lot of family stuff going on . None of which is awfully awful, but it could have been.

There is a feeling of impending doom in relation to the virus. ( there were 100 new positives in this region today and 2 in Pisticci.)

I did more shopping today in stealth stockpiling mode. I ought to have taken my new granny trolley , but was worried someone might laugh at me ( doh!!!) Instead I staggered home carrying 3 bags.

Might need to paint this. ( on way to supermarket)

I went out to see the sunset as nature is supposed to be good for you.


But what I really needed was to sit on the doorstep and chill.

So I put on coat and hat and took a cushion. I lasted about 3 minutes before I was chilled.( not so much in a good way.) But it was okay.

View from my doorstep.

There is something special about sitting outside and not being shut in. Perhaps next time I will heat up some glogg. Theoretically I could light my underused teeny tiny barbecue which would keep me warm. Or I have a hot water bottle.

But for now it’s wine time.


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