2021 in Pisticci…hurray! It’s not Friday…..

I suppose it’s because I am busy and working to a timetable of sorts. But as I sat down tonight after getting the 4th of 5 portraits to 80% finished I wondered how I would manage to do the other 20% of the 3 which are to be collected on Sunday. I thought I only had Saturday , when I should be preparing for the next Christmas Market, to finish all 3.

Then I realised that it was Thursday today.

And even though I plan to start portrait number 5 tomorrow I still have time to finish the other 3.

What a relief.! After having a week each for 2 portraits previously I haven’t enjoyed rushing .

But I don’t like to say no as I need the money.

So tomorrow I would like to finish 4 portraits and start the 5th one. Then I can relax and colour two drawings ready for the market on Saturday.

All ready to begin .

On a less stressful note I ordered more water soluble oil paints today as a future commission is to be done in oils. I am quite looking forward to trying them out.

Now I’m waiting for a friend to arrive and we are planning to walk uptown and see the Christmas decorations.

There were 3 positives in Pisticci today. 2 yesterday.

Am not taking for granted that all the evenings of the Christmas Market will happen.

But I like that there will soon be a pill which might ” cure” or alleviate covid.

In the meantime I’m glad I bought the good masks.

And now a small glass of wine before going out sounds like an idea.


Outside now.

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