2021 in Pisticci…” ha ha, the evil printer worked…..”

Today I finished four portraits and spent about three hours working on the 5th one which is looking good.

Tomorrow is the second evening Christmas Market and my theme is going to be flowers and portraits.

Because that is what I have left and it would be boring if I had the same stock every evening .

Which reminds me that I used to have a little book of photos of portraits. Must look for it.

I should take my 50 people from Pisticci large painting along as advertising. .

So having got the portraits organised I could have either coloured in 2 watercolours or made flower prints this afternoon.

Feeling daring, I pulled the evil printer out from under the work bench where I hid it so that it didn’t irritate me.

I put it on my desk, plugged it into my laptop and off it went.

Rubbish photo of flower prints.

I managed to make the prints the correct size for 6 oval mounts. Tomorrow I can put them together. Then I need to decide a price.

I’ve decided to take 4 largish flower paintings and make them on special offer.

Who knows when I’ll get the chance to sell to the public like this again. And besides it will give me space to paint more new stuff.

It’s very windy outside tonight and the forecast is for drizzle and high winds tomorrow night. 😬

Cosy inside. All organised for colouring in.

It feels good to have got this far today…..

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

In town last night with the Christmas tree.

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