2021 in Pisticci…out with my granny trolley …….

It has been a very busy, satisfactory day.

Portrait number 5 is now virtually finished. About an hour’s work left to do

I bought 6 pieces of wood to make stretchers, put money on my phone and paid the final instalment of the bins tax.

Then I went shopping with my bright pink granny trolley. I chose a time when I thought no one would be around . Am a little bit embarrassed to be seen out with it. ( not so much , when it’s full of paintings for the Christmas Market strangely enough.) But taking it shopping seems somehow less cool.

It makes quite a loud noise as it trundles along

I found that I could stick it in front of the trolley in the supermarket so that it wasn’t very noticeable. ( things like that worry me!)

It was quite a thrill to buy lots of heavy stuff like cat food, lots of carrots and potatoes, 2 jars of mayonnaise, 4 packs of tinned tuna and more. I thought about lemonade and then decided to leave that for another time. Just as well as there would not have been room for anything else.

I found the stairs down to Dirupo which are horrible to walk up as they are too shallow, quite good to gently bump down.

I was very conscious of the last time I had taken a granny trolley to the supermarket, filled it up with great pleasure and then as I walked out the door a wheel fell off. Absolutely true. I marched home in disgust alternately balancing on one wheel and then just scraping along. I bitterly sang ” one wheel on my wagon and I’m still rolling along….” and wondered why there was never anyone about to help when I needed someone.

But this time I arrived safely home with 2 wheels on my trolley.

Little covid, the cat who keeps his distance ,is looking for food.

If ,as looks possible , we are locked down again then I can comfortably do a weeks shopping at one time using my new “toy”.

Feels like a good day’s work.

I even did some yoga. Since my back was sore in the summer I had only done a sort of micro yoga. Today I did 5 salutes to the sun and 50 sort of sit up thingies. Feel 10 years younger immediately.

Now for wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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