2021 in Pisticci….preparing…..

That is probably a good word to describe life just now. It’s all about preparation.

Today I bought paracetamols and more wood for stretchers. Both items in preparation for a quiet stay at home in January. (I havent thought much further than that.)

Washing day as well.

Then after finishing the 5th portrait I tried to make business cards so that I could hand them out at the next Christmas Market.

I’m trying to look on the bright side and believe that I spent about 3 hours learning how not to make business cards and therefore soon I will hit on something that does work. It was very frustrating. Very!!!

To cheer myself up with something positive I decided to update a painting for the market. To be honest ,even after more fiddling about it still doesn’t look right.

Have another 4 or 5 to possibly adjust tomorrow .

But now I have spent an hour or so with a friend and who cares about evil printers and rubbish paintings. It’s just lovely to feel connected and share stuff. To know we’re not alone.

And portrait number 4 has gone now. Hurray!

It’s warm inside and I think I’ll switch on the electric blanket. What luxury!

Dinner is cooking and there should be a blog from Positano on youtube.


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