2021 in Pisticci…a happy sociable Christmas…..

It all started around 7am when I climbed back into my attic bedroom carrying my biggest gift . ( I had been downstairs lighting the stove to warm the room up)

I sat in bed and wondered if I should open the bottle of fizzy wine or the chocolates it contained.  Decided on the wine as that was more ” wicked” ( have low standards ) and I knew if I thought about it too long then I would end up keeping it for a more suitable occasion  that never happens.


Feeling cheerfully wicked I put on my old clothes (why dress up)

Spending Christmas by oneself should, I think be all about doing exactly what you want.

The day progressed very nicely.

“Facon” and eggs for breakfast.
More gifts.

Then I made a Christmas card and sent it to a lot of friends.

That was followed by an hour long video chat with two of my sisters which I enjoyed a lot , even if I didn’t have time to put on my Christmas jumper before they phoned.

Meanwhile I was hearing back from friends all over the world . …well some of the world anyways.

Soon it was lunch time and the lasagne I made yesterday waited for me in the fridge. I had a baked potato and tuna mayonnaise instead, just because I could.

After lunch I had time to read the new book I saved for Christmas. ( I fell asleep)

Then I got a bit worried about not having done anything all day…. so I got out some paint and glaze and brightened up a small painting I had used as a Christmas card and had altered the colour with an app. Someone online had liked the bright colours so I thought it might be a good idea to adjust it in reality. Not sure if I like it or not


And now it’s wine time. ( the fizzy wine is in the fridge and will probably last till new year.)

I hope everyone reading this had a lovely satisfying day however they spent it.

Cheers 🍷🍷


  1. Anne,
    My niece Suhasini (17) is a budding artist in NOIDA india. I’ve suggested that she contact you on twitter (she doesn’t yet have an account there) for some guidance and inspiration. I’ve directed her to your blog. She draws, paints, and makes digital photographs. Hope that it’s OK. Happy New Year, and much luck and success in 2022 to you. -Niraj Pant @e2eplm (on twitter)

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