2021 in Pisticci…Christmas Market cancelled. 

What a relief! I was not looking forward to being cold and tired with no customers tonight.

Maybe it would have been different , but as the rules changed so that gatherings in piazzas  are forbidden then I will never know.

And I am very comfortable  sitting cosily  at home.

Today has been very relaxing. 

This morning I tidied away all my market stuff . That is tablecloths , string, clips etc and now my gallery looks tidy, if a bit bare.

The pile of sacks of pellets is gradually going down. ( under the covers)

I decided that it might be better if I bought some small canvases , as I will need to replace all the paintings sold with new ones. I ordered 16 new 25x35cms  canvases . Next job will be to find 16 new scenes with enough challenge to inspire me and familiar enough to sell.

It seems financially more sensible  if I make the bigger canvases myself.

I’m liking my latest kindle series featuring a character  called Bunny McGarry. I was just thinking how part of the enjoyment I’m getting out it is down to the author’s apologies and explanations at the beginning of each book. He’s funny and I think it predisposes me to to like the books even more. Curious..

I’m still keeping a photographic diary of work I have been doing. Am on my third book now.

However printing problems abound.

Today the magic printer has run out of ink so I had to plug in the evil printer.

It was not very satisfactory. I managed to get some photos printed by emailing them to my laptop from my phone. I think the ink is running out as the colour was not very good.

However just by accident I found out how to make business cards. ( 3 hours last week spent on how not to make them) Now I have 27 wonkily cut out cards . I’ve written down how I did it

I ordered more ink. It’s been an expensive day.

But I am still smiling because I get to stay home.

Wine time now.


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