2021 in Pisticci…too much virus…

2nd daughter now has covid. There are even more positives in Basilicata and another 10 in Pisticci.

Today I was just tired.

Last sunset of this year. The hills at the back were a bright blue in real life.

Trying to cheer myself up by looking over the last year in photos.

Started the mural in January.
The weather was not always good, but we had a lot of fun.
It was quite impressive when finished. Was blessed by the priest in August.
Painted a shed in the country in March .Had a great time . Felt like a painting holiday.
Love digital painting. I should do more.
I like this a lot. I was lying on my bed feeling sick after my second vaccination when I drew it.
I tried to paint Pisticci with more colour . Am going to be painting a big version of this in January.
I was pleased with this as I made up the composition. Winning 2nd prize was nice too.
Spent some time trying to be Van Gogh….then reverted to myself.
Only one of about 20 benches we painted.
Thought I would practice portrait painting. This is quite small
Another practice portrait. Think I may have painted about 80 people’s portraits this year.
Practising painting more loosely. Only one I liked out of about 15. Reverted to old style again .
Got 10 copies of my book printed. Am very pleased with the cover.
And finally have drawn and painted 5 copies of this. ( sold 4)

That helped. This year hasn’t been all about the virus even if it feels like it at the minute.

Tomorrow I plan to start sawing wood for stretchers. ( think that is 3 times so far that I’ve said that and not done it.)

Now it’s wine time and an episode of Kavanagh. 🍷🍷


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