2021 in Pisticci….visitors…

I was just about to start writing when my phone rang and it was someone wanting to come and look at paintings.

In a day of mixed feelings and about 580 new positives including visitors to the region, (4 more in Pisticci) it was a bit of normality.

I like showing people around ,chatting about paintings and who is in them and where they are and so on.

When local people come round it’s nice to feel part of the community. I had painted one these people and so they brought friends to see me.

It’s cold tonight .

About an hour ago.

I’ve been cold today. My fault for not putting the stove on when I got up.

I thought I would be busy in the other room sawing stretchers. I have postponed the sawing till tomorrow , but I did measure out how much wood I needed and I should theoretically have lots left over. Not that I am entirely confident in my arithmetic.

I popped out and bought masking tape, ready made plaster,( a little treat) and some glue. I’m still buying things that I think I might need if I am stuck at home for some time.

Work table and wood all ready

Then I had my new year’s celebration with a friend. 2 aperol spritz s made for a happy conversation sitting outside .

A happy new year drink.

Now am glad to be home and warm with a glass of red wine .

Cheers 🍷🍷

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