2022 in Pisticci…a sunny working day…..

Had the stove turned off for about 4 hours today and the door open.

Even managed coffee on the doorstep . Am looking forward to when that becomes an every day occurrence .

Have just been out to see if there is a photo opportunity and little covid was hanging about to see if there was any food available.

Is a sweet little cat ,but won’t ever let me stroke it.

Mostly today I painted and listened to a new Agatha Raisin audiobook.

I am struggling a bit with the portrait part of the latest painting. Eventually I printed out a photo of the face so that I could more easily check if all the features were in the right place. It’s almost impossible to do on a screen as measuring makes the picture move.

It’s getting there.

The other part of the painting is a vintage scooter. To say that it’s complicated is an understatement. And as I don’t understand the mechanics of scooters it doesn’t help. The client most certainly will.

Work in progress. I hate painting wheels.

Doesn’t look like I will be finished before the weekend.

It definitely looks like the numbers of positive cases are decreasing here. But am very happy not to be in a ” world beating ” country like the UK.

I think my new set of exercises are actually helping. Since my back was sore in the summer I’ve felt a bit creaky . The last 2 days have felt that I’m getting my bounce back.

May work on energy next week if I can be bothered.

It’s dark outside now so must be wine time. More scooter painting tomorrow I think. But for now…

Cheers 🍷🍷

Half an hour ago.

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