2022 in Pisticci.. market day….

It was a lovely surprise to be offered a lift to the street market in Scanzano. It’s my favourite as there is an enormous second hand clothes stall where most things are €2 or €3. My sort of prices.

This time I knew I needed some more thick jumpers. Even though it will get warm in a month or two I have more or less run out of thick jumpers. I have some nice thick cardigans in my wardrobe ,but they are too nice to spoil with paint. So what was needed was” not so nice” jumpers which ,if they got paint on them would not matter much.

There is no point in me wearing a shirt or other protection from paint. I’ve tried .Then after I’ve finished for the day I see something needing fixed, lean my hand over the palette to get to the paint at the back and the sleeve of my jumper drags through ,usually, the white paint. Acrylic, once dried stays put.

Anyways it’s nice to have a change. Bought 4 thick jumpers for €10 total. Am wearing one now. Very cheering and warm . The previous one is back in the rag bag waiting for the day when I finally decide to make the rag rug.

Normal life with masks.

Today it’s four years since James died. I wrote something this morning to mark the day.

In his favourite seat outside Vlads.

I’ve enjoyed writing things this week.

But tomorrow I really need to get on with the latest portrait. Two full days might mean I could have the weekend off ……or get started the first of 15 local scenes.

From the 11th it looks like masks will not be mandatory outside in Italy. Better look out my lipstick.

Wine time now.

Cheers James, wherever you are. 🍷🍷🍷

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