2022 in Pisticci….maskless, but not quite….

As far as I am aware the law changed in most of Italy on 11th February saying that now masks are not mandatory outside.

So today, for a change I could see where I was going clearly. Of course the new problem was getting my dark red lipstick just right.

But, in the corso margherita 90% of the people were still wearing masks. (Including me). I was quite relieved to see that.

Now in the back streets I’ll take my mask off ,but when there are a lot of people around I will be happy to wear it.

After buying more wine I strolled home through some quiet streets looking for new views.

I’ve painted the little house in the foreground
I like the bricks
Lots of windy twisty streets
Little View.
I like old houses
View towards the castle
Just liked the colours
Cows in the calanche
The little church above my house
Arty photo
The sea looks pink?

Even though it wasn’t a very bright day I think Pisticci still looked good.

Have decided to work hard on my scooter portrait tomorrow as I didn’t spend much time on it today.

5 mins ago.

So now it’s wine time again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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