2022 in Pisticci.. found my rubbish bill…..

That is the ” TARI” bill. I was going to wait till tomorrow , but I got a bit bored this afternoon so decided to get ahead of myself.

I used to think that I was a very organised person , but I can only assume that I lived with very disorganised people and assumed wrongly that I was not that bad.

Even now I can’t believe that I didn’t put the last Tari bill in beside the previous one. What was I thinking?

I know exactly what I was thinking ……” I must remember to put that bill with the others , later” . Then I forgot.

It’s the same with passwords. All I would need to do is write them down in my work diary. I have spent literally hours searching for the piece of paper I wrote the last password on, or had to admit to forgetting my password, followed by forgetting to write the new one down somewhere safe.

This time I forgot I had to pay Tari. I think I’m about 6 weeks late. However it’s entirely possible that the last bill arrived by post and it’s the comune who are late. I can’t remember! I looked at the bill to see if it had envelope- like creases, but it was inconclusive so a trip to the comune is needed this week.

Most of this morning I spent on the scooter portrait. It’s now 80% finished and should not take more than an hour to finish tomorrow. I suppose I could have spent another hour today ,but it’s better to have a break.

Then I enjoyed reading my latest book up in my attic bedroom/ library/ office.

Chilling like Heidi.

It’s been a nice day again where I didn’t need the stove on all day. Along with the numbers of positives continuing to go down in Italy things are looking quite optimistic.

About half an hour ago when I made myself go out and get some fresh air.

Now it’s nearly time for Nickipositano’s latest video , which accompanied by a glass of wine is a good way to wind down on a Sunday.


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