2022 in Pisticci…4.30am is not the best time to start the day.

I need to start trying to stay up later at night. Last night I was looking at my watch at 7.30pm wondering if it was time to go to bed yet.

So today has been quite a long day……..

My plan had been to start early on the background of my latest portrait ..but not that early!!

However after a nice breakfast of “facon” and eggs I felt better and got started work.

I’ve been working from an old photo and it seemed important to put in the background as it was, more or less. As the background had not much detail, just lots of people, the back end of a horse and some other bits and pieces I had to paint it very loosely, more suggesting things than painting details. Am not very good at doing that normally , but today it went well. So now the painting is 80% finished.

My new system of working to 80% and then adding the last few details seems to be working.

It was possible to sit outside and read while lunch cooked. As it was Sunday I had a small glass of wine and felt very weekendy.

Later on I finally got around to organising my food cupboard so that I can find things. I seem to have rather a lot of chocolate.

Being slightly worried that I would have no photos to show for my day, I got a chair and taking it half way up the street I stood on it.

Bit of a grey day.
Same view last night from same chair.

I’ve chosen my next local scene to paint so that if I finish the portrait tomorrow I have something ready to begin. It’s a scene I haven’t painted before so I’m looking forward to it.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Sunny Sunday

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