2022 in Pisticci….an attack of braveness……

It was when I was looking for a bed and breakfast in Edinburgh and found my favourite place has closed down. Everywhere else costs so much more. But, then it was several years since I stayed anywhere.

I’d thought that it might be easier to leave the day before and stay overnight as my flight leaves about 7am. That way no one had to get up at 4am to give me a lift.

And I thought I might have been feeling a bit sad as I didn’t know when I would be back.

Small pause to dislodge Fluffy who wants to go inside

And that’s when it happened. I opened up the Ryanair site again and checked flights near the end of September. I could fly there and back for about £115. I booked. So now I know when I’m going back…..as much as anyone “knows ” anything these days.

(That was about the same price for one night at some of the accommodation near the airport. )

It’s a good feeling to go from scared to adventurous.

When I was writing this morning I was thinking how my “stuff” is not very serious or important.

For instance, will the duvet thing fit in the washing machine and if I use the washing machine 3 times in one morning will it break? ( it is very old)

My street looking like a laundry.

Then I had booked my flights in Italian and I couldn’t remember how to print out the tickets. The evil printer was not cooperating and I had to use the magic one which decided to work instead of telling me I was a bad person for buying my own ink instead of waiting for ink to arrive. (It doesnt)

That was followed by a courier phoning and asking me to meet him in the piazza and half way there the other courier phoned and said he was nearly at my house. Luckily I’m good at being in two places at once.

It was quite a relief to sit down and paint .

This looks good. Lots of fiddly bits to do.

And now having taken in the washing, remade the bed and watered the flowers am sitting on the doorstep feeling cheerful.

Looks better without washing.

I found this on facebook.

That sounds like the kind of success I would like.

It’s just beautiful sitting here surrounded by roses, drinking wine and writing.


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