2022 in Pisticci…bells and roses…..

I’m sitting on the doorstep surrounded by roses and the church bells have just stopped ringing. The sun is shining in the valley and on the big tree. It’s 7pm.

It’s always better in reality.

It’s a lovely time of year when everything is still green, but it’s getting warmer. In another month it will be more brown than green.

Today I mostly painted .

Might finish it tomorrow.

But then I went out at 5pm to meet a friend. We sat outside a bar in the piazza and it felt that life was almost normal again.

There were plenty of people about and lots of noise.

View from the bar.
There were more people than this…..

On the way home I paid my 2018 bins tax and some of my 2017 water bill. It felt good. Paintings have paid for that.

I strolled back down without wearing a mask and more or less smiled at everyone. I was happy.

View on the way home.

And now it’s wine time.


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