2022 in Pisticci… that went well

Am back sitting on the doorstep with jazz playing in the background, neighbours chatting further up the street, and I have company in among the roses.

Fluffy is back again.

As it’s Friday it must be shopping day.

Pink granny trolley…..and lovely view.

It was a beautiful morning and what a treat it was to not need a jacket or even a jumper.

Most of the rest of the day I spent finishing my latest complicated local scene. I like it.

It went well.

I tried pouring boiling water on some weeds this morning. Awaiting results . My neighbour upstairs told me years ago that it would kill them and recently I saw the same advice on Facebook….or somewhere.

Am considering opening a bottle of wine tonight. I have several bottles. All gifts. I usually keep them for a special occasion. Am not sure if running out of my favourite local wine and being too relaxed/lazy to go and buy any more till tomorrow counts as a special occasion……. .

Cheers 🍷🍷

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