2022 in Pisticci…where is my quiet life disappearing to…….

And do I care? Maybe I’ve been telling myself that I liked being by myself and smelling the roses and staying home because I thought there was no other option.

This summer it looks like I’m going to Scotland twice!

I could go to the beach. ( and still work) , maybe even go exploring…….

August might well be full of entertainment and events.

If I get confident enough to wear my new dress ….it arrived today and I’ve gone from ,” what on earth have I done” to ” I would look quite cool and arty if I just had the right shoes/ tee shirt/ trousers…” then maybe I would feel like an arty adventurer again….I might like that.

So ,I’ve learned to live with little and appreciate the small things…

It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have a little bit of adventure…..maybe.

Today I’ve been out exploring in a small way and it was fun.

Lovely old ruined house
A little arty view of the window
I love old brick walls
View out through the doorway
Figs of India

I couldn’t help wondering who lived in this little house. Who built it? What was their life like? Were they happy with their olive and fig trees and growing food to eat or was life hard and horrid. Standing inside looking around I felt like I should feel something. But I didn’t.

This afternoon friends dropped by and now I have two outings planned for next week.

While I was out this morning we dropped into Anna Maria’s supermarket, a very special place ,where I managed to buy my favourite wine. Hurray!!!

That will last a while. It’s 15% so will be drinking less.

Think it had better be wine time now.

My latest painting is still a work in progress. I am experimenting with a big blue shadow and some orange.

Must finish it tomorrow.


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