2022 in Pisticci…wondering if I worked enough this week….

I suppose I could consider what work is. Mostly I think it’s anything I do that leads to me getting paid.

And sometimes I believe that includes ” thinking time” and doing other things until an idea pops into my head.

Even procrastination seems to be part of work.

Every time I need to do something a little scary then putting it off until I have to trick myself into starting, happens. I’ve now accepted that it’s part of the process.

This week it was about doing sketches for a mural. I’ve now done 4. The first 3 took about 8 hours of thinking and then about 5 hours sketching. The last one took me more than 2 hours to draw. It includes hundreds of little white houses.

Then I made 2 big canvases for another commission and did 2 sketches for that. And quite a bit of thinking went into that too.

And what , I wonder did I do in all the other hours this week.?

It feels strange being past the retirement age and still working on being self supporting.

It’s my ambition to earn enough to live on . And living here it should be nearly possible.

Anyways , getting all introspective doesn’t usually help much.

I’m sitting outside again tonight and there is a slight breeze.

It’s a lovely place to sit .

There has been no more information on the house with the big crack. So maybe it’s not as much of a problem as was imagined.

I reorganised and tidied my workroom this afternoon. It’s always good to see how much paint I have and throw out the worst of the paintbrushes.

I’ve drawn the images on to the canvases I made , but I might go and check the colours to use with the client.

The most fun I had today was making a sketch of how I want my table here to look. I thought it would be a nice project for the weekend and now that I have a sketch I’m even more keen to do it.

How it might be.
How it is.

Tomorrow might well be a combination of painting and cooking a chicken.

I’m a little worried about the chicken as it’s frozen. It’s been in the bottom of the fridge all day and it’s still frozen.

I can’t remember when I last cooked chicken.

It doesn’t help that my combination microwave and normal oven is now only microwave and my gas oven burns everything unless at a very low heat.

I’m thinking of pulling it apart and boiling it.

I’m a bit squeamish.

And I don’t want to poison myself. (Salmonella)

It’ll be an adventure…..

I shut the door on an electricity salesman today. There was no point in having a discussion with someone whose job is to convince people to change to another company while assuring you that is not what you are doing. Caught out once. Not again.

He might have been something else….but I don’t think so.

So hurray for the weekend and nice things to do.


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