2022 in Pisticci..being too prepared…

I think I remember feeling like this the last time I painted a big mural on my own.

I was worried because there were so many unknown issues.

It actually was a success and after the first couple of days I enjoyed it.

My first garden shed mural.

I’ve spent the last few days stressing about this new project and printing various combinations of designs and then cutting them up and glueing them back in a slightly different order.

I tried measuring the space so that I could do the ultimate drawing and relax. But due to various difficulties that couldn’t happen. 

So finally this morning after preparing to spend about 3 hours on  another drawing I decided not to bother.

I know what needs done and no amount of sketches will really make me feel better 

But stopping trying helped.

I’ve arranged all my references, sharpened pencils, looked out paints and brushes etc and have everything I think I need .

My summer desk.

Now all I need to do is  arrive and get to work  . ( and organise a ladder)

This afternoon  I worked on my other commission and it’s  looking okay. I can now imagine  finishing it.

Other than that it’s  been a very quiet day.

It looks like it’s more definite that I can get a booster  vaccine in the next month or two before I go on my next trip to Scotland.  That’s  cheering.

And my electric bill arrived online today for €75 for the last  2 months. That was a very nice surprise. I have been being careful , but even so that’s  less than the last one.

Oh dear , I think I heard the fire plane…….. it makes a very distinctive noise.

Can’t see any smoke and it looks like it might rain.

It’s wine time now. Better get a ladder organised and then relax.


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