2022 in Pisticci..hope my insect repellent really works…

For the first time in ages I sat outside with a friend, drank wine and chatted. (It’s not as if there are a lack of subjects and things happening in the world to catch up on!)

We were joined by the occasional mosquito , but otherwise it was a perfect evening to sit in the street in the old part of Pisticci among oleanders and mint, drinking local wine and enjoying the atmosphere.

That time of evening.

Today has mostly been spent trying to adjust a design for a mural using ,glue, printer and paint and coming to the conclusion that I would have been better starting from the beginning again.

Tomorrow I will do better.

I was briefly out this morning checking measurements for this mural.

There is a church underneath all that scaffolding and covers
Typical street with scooter
Over the other side of town.

It’s been nicely cool . About 30C.

It looks like, in Italy I may get a 4th booster sooner than I thought and the number of positives are down today in this region.

Wine time started a couple of hours ago.


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