2022 in Pisticci…keeping cool….

It seems a bit weird to be  writing about keeping cool today when in England it’s probably even hotter than here. Not Scotland though.

I can definitely feel the difference. After nearly 2 weeks of relatively  cool weather ( around 30C) today I needed to have a fan on again and at 5.30pm it’s still not comfortable  to sit outside.

It was good to go shopping early this morning .It seems to have become a Sunday routine. Today I bought this….

Sea breeze air freshener to add to the beach ambience in my gallery.

In my gallery with my fan on at three quarters , while lying on the sunlounger with a good book is the best place to be on a hot Sunday morning.

Finished the latest (9) chief inspector Gamache book. Brilliant ending.

Having bought bigger bin bags I sorted out my recycling box.

I feel like I’ve learned how my house works over these last 3 years. And bunging all my paper, plastic and glass in a big cardboard box , then sorting it out when it’s full , works much better than putting one thing out at a time. Gives me a nice organised feeling.

I spent an hour on the commission in the afternoon. All I need is a little enthusiasm and I could get both panels finished. The heat doesn’t help…..and I ordered another Gamache book……

This weather is perfect for hand washing . Even dripping wet tee shirts are dry in a couple of hours .

I spent half an hour looking for windows and doors to use on my mural and made little sketches of several.

But mostly I kept cool in the gallery with a good book.

Now it’s time for my weekly treat…. the latest nickipositano video.


Oleanders have been lovely this year
Thought it might rain?

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