2022 in Pisticci…waiting for something to happen….

Usually I can think of something to write fairly easily, but today I think I’m tired and a bit overwhelmed by the ” have nots”.

Most of the time I’m okay looking at what I have.

I think there were 2 things today which weren’t really a big deal.

The first was  being offered a lift to be able to paint the mural as my sore knee is making walking far a little problematic. It was so nice to just sit in a car ..and zoom …I was there. The same on the way home. ( and I’m getting a lift on Monday too. )

Usually I would just be happy that I didn’t have to hobble in the heat . But I miss my scooter. I miss my old life where I would scooter where I liked , go  visit friends, carry my shopping home , take a trip to the beach even.

The other thing involves me losing out on some extra help because I can’t actually walk there right now. ( It’s complicated. ) And it’s my own fault that I appear to be allergic to asking for help. I can gratefully accept it some of the time, but have gone to ridiculous  lengths in the past to avoid  asking for it.

Well, now that I’ve said that I feel a bit better.

Apart from a slightly sore knee which will likely be fine next week and only hurts when I walk a lot everything is the same as yesterday.

I worked for 5 hours on the mural today and I like how it’s going. And all the up the ladder stuff is done. Hurray!

Tomorrow there is no reason why I shouldn’t finish the other commission I’ve been working on. I like finishing things so that should cheer me up.

If I get it finished I’m considering some nice housey projects like plastering over cracks and maybe a bit of fun painting on the stairs. I was also wondering how fake stained glass windows would look above my door.

A client sent me a photo of one of my latest projects in situ and it looks great. That was good to see.

There has been a fire burning all day at the other side of town. I heard the canadair plane about 10 minutes ago so it mustn’t be out yet.

I’m sad about what has happened to Draghi and the Italian government. It was good while it lasted.

On a happy note, I have enough wine to last me until at least Monday. And who knows ,maybe it’s not too late for a minor personality change to make my life a bit easier and stop being a stubborn , pseudo independent twit.

It looks like a lovely evening outside so I might sit out and enjoy it.

Cheers 🍷🍷


  1. Anne, it will get better. Your knee, first of all. Every day we are a bit older and discover what “today’s” pain will be!
    As to the government, Draghi is an insufferable, megalomaniacal Globalist twit! Good riddance. When you have a few weeks to listen to my reasoning, I will be glad to explain. Ha! I thought not!! Now if the rest of the Bruxelles cabal would just turn to dust and filter back down through the cracks in the Earth we might have a chance…We gave them an inch and they are already out of sight over the horizon.

    • Good morning. I was hot and tired and fed up last night and a decent night’s sleep and now sitting outside in the cool air makes a big difference. And I look forward to hearing more from you about everything, anytime . Cheered me up no end. See you soon.

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