2022 in Pisticci.. a sore knee….

So much for doing yoga outside! This morning I literally turned around and felt something give in my knee.

It didn’t really hurt. It just wasn’t ” right”.

I had another day of mural painting planned so I pulled on my ” tight thing which is supposed to support my knee” , and set off uptown. It was not very comfortable, but not particularly sore . I was happy to reach the house where I am working.

Muralling went well and now I am probably more than half way through.

I walked home afterwards and it was not pleasant. I was very glad to get in and take the support thingy off. I was hoping that I would feel much better without it.

I spent the afternoon ordering more paint as I’ve used a lot!

I set off again before 5pm and made it to the end of via Sterbini before thinking that I was being ridiculous . Hobbling back to my house I made a plan to somehow get to my mural tomorrow and then not go home until it was nearly finished.

I am delighted to say that my client is going to pick me up in the morning.

It would be very tricky if I couldn’t walk anywhere. Am already wishing I had bought more paracetamols and wondering how I’ll do the shopping.

I found an old stick which James made with an ivory top.

Hopefully by Monday I’ll be okay.

I can sit down and paint all August , but there is no way I can’t finish this mural.

It’s made me think about how I would manage here if I wasn’t mobile. I wouldn’t.

However it’s only a sore knee. The mural is looking good and my knee only hurts when I am walking so I should get it finished.

Am sitting here with my foot up on the chest…not my chest!

Not much of a tan on my foot……..

I looked out of the door and it’s as pretty as usual.

I can hobble this far easily.

What with fat feet and now a ” dicky” knee it’s being a troublesome week.

Must be time for wine now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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