2022 in Pisticci….not bad for a very hot day…..

It’s been good to catch up on things this weekend after finishing  my latest commission yesterday.

This morning I discovered thanks to my faulty arithmetic that I didn’t need to roughly draw 16 new Pisticci  scenes. Firstly  I’ve done 35…not 34 as I thought. Then after spending some time finding photos of 15 more scenes I found that I had forgotten to take into account that I’ve got 7 already drawn ,waiting to be painted, so I actually only needed 8 new scenes. That was a good feeling. And now I’ve roughly drawn all 8 and downloaded them onto my tablet so I’m ready to draw them accurately whenever I get some time.

All set up in the coolish room.

It has been very hot today. But I’ve been okay inside. In fact I’m hotter now at 5.30pm than I’ve been all day.

Found this photograph on facebook ( Leonardo Viggiano) this was about 1pm in the main street, in the shade.
There was some thunder and rain was forecast, but hasn’t appeared.

Tomorrow it is to be a bit cooler….possibly.

I found the next installment of my water bill which needs paid this week.

Am assuming that I will be able to walk up town to do this.

I practiced walking using one of James’s ” possibly has some age” walking sticks “.

Rather an ugly thing

That made me laugh . I’m fine at home and maybe after 2 days of not walking anywhere other than inside I will be nearly normal again.

Tomorrow I’ve got more mural painting. It’s getting exciting now that I get nearer the end.

But now it’s time for my weekly episode of Nickipositano accompanied by a glass of wine. Then maybe a little Poirot later.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

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