2022 in Pisticci…824 days since lockdown began…..

I only know that because WordPress tells me every day how many posts I’ve written without a break.

It still feels good sit down and “tell someone” how my day has gone and then relax into the evening.

I am still smiling about my visit to the supermarket this morning. I’d decided that I would buy enough food for a week so that if my knee problem got worse at least I wouldn’t need to shop for food.

I actually woke up quite despondent this morning and it wasn’t until after coffee that I cheered up. ( Caffeine works!!)

I made it to the supermarket with only a slight limp and had a chat with the” singing lady” as we waited for it to open

Then I bought as much as I could fit in my granny trolley and a bit more.

When I was packing my trolley at the till the singing lady started to sing much to my delight. Just to add to the joy of the moment we were wearing exactly the same pair of flowery trousers .😀

I smiled most of the way home comfortably pulling my trolley. Even the steps didn’t seem a problem.

The next nice thing to happen today was a visit from somebody who used to stay in my house sometimes when they were younger. How it has changed. It was lovely to show them around.

I only had one other thing to do today and that was, dye my hair.

I was in the middle of it and wearing a black towel scrunched roughly on my head and held on by a wooden clothes peg, when the postman came to the door . He looked amused and I smiled cheerily as he then introduced me to the new postman who will be taking over next month. Oops….not my most glamorous moment.

It’s been hot again today and I fell asleep twice while reading on my sun lounger.

I could go out tonight to hear some medieval music up at the church , but there are a lot of steps………Maybe I’ll just listen from the doorstep.

It looks like I’ll be getting more strawberries.

There are only 2 now.
Still no rain……

It doesn’t feel like a Friday, but it’s the last one in July and next week it’ll be August , the holiday month.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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