2022 in Pisticci…a new “me” and 4 new drawings….

I’ve been at home all day and didn’t go out last night. Maybe I won’t go out tonight either as although I would like to see a procession  of people dressed in beautiful clothes and maybe other attractions I can’t find any times or places where they will be found and realistically even if I did they would very likely be at least an hour late, except if I went an hour late….then everything would have been on time.

I also have difficulty going out late. ( late being after 9pm) last night I fell asleep at 8.30 and didn’t wake up until after 11pm.

This happens every year. I get all excited about events happening and then I fall asleep before they begin, or I go half an hour after they should start and wait for an hour or so and have on occasion gone home before whatever it was begun.

Sometimes I’ve gone home and then gone back later, but until my knee is better am not considering that.

Finally there is covid and crowds. I’m enjoying not wearing a mask outside, but in a crowd I’d feel better wearing one. It’s not really a big deal , more like the final straw.

This was not at all what I was planning to write.

So today in-between reading my new Gamache book I managed to draw 4 local scenes. There are only 3 left now to do.

Now I need to undercoat them with a dirty yellow colour and add a glazing medium before I start painting.

Today I was accompanied by Hamish Macbeth. Working in my gallery was relatively cool.

As for the new me, well that happened when I inadvertently pressed the wrong button on my phone and thought that the image my phone showed today looked more like how I think I look.

Only just noticed that my tree is on the wrong side.

I suppose this must be a mirror image…..so it really is literally how I see myself. ( okay now I’m going to have to reverse it just to see.)

Oh dear… I prefer the mirror image.

Enough with vanity!

Must be wine time now. ( After some promising strong gusts of wind and a few clouds, nothing happened again. So looks like a lovely evening. )

Cheers 🍷🍷


    • I found it by accident ,but it’s different and curious and I really like Ruth. All the characters from the village are interesting. I would like to see one of Clara’ s portraits. Have a only a few books left to read now so might have to space them out a bit….or on the other hand maybe it’ll be a Gamache summer. 😀

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