2022 in Pisticci…another last night of the feste …..

I had more or less gone to bed and was just flicking through Facebook to see what was happening and there it was….. the big concert with Red Canzian. And it was just about to begin.

Thank goodness for live videos.

I got dressed up with my new necklace and Tesco’s dungarees and headed out to investigate. It was happening in the big piazza near me.

I rarely feel like dressing up, but am inspired by my new necklace.

As I rounded the corner and arrived at the piazza I saw it was already full of people. There were no spaces left to sit down and already the streets above were being filled up.

Full up
I had to lean on the wall on the street above.
Red Canzian. ( I’ve never heard of him)

I found a space on the street above and leaned on the wall.

The first three songs were in English and I enjoyed that very much. I’m not awfully musically inclined ,but I like familiar stuff. After that I didn’t recognise anything.

I think I would have stayed longer or even to the end ,but my eye became very sore. ( a recurring summer problem) And leaning on the wall wasn’t very comfortable. I was sorry to leave.

However I could still hear it reasonably well from home and I could watch it on facebook live.

Today I enjoyed some more of David Hockney’s book and then painted on and off in a rather lacklustre manner. I’m not used to late nights.

Work in progress.

I might be going out to another concert/ event tonight….. but after that I think I’d better have a couple of early nights before I begin a portrait commission next week

Meanwhile a glass of wine seems like a good idea ……cheers 🍷🍷

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