2022 in Pisticci….and the 3d ” last ” night of the feste…..

It was a bit of a surprise…..

After going out with a friend to see what was happening at the Sputnik festival,( lots of illustrative art for sale and music beginning in 5 minutes……?) We decided to investigate the small area where there had been live music on Sunday. After chatting to people there someone mentioned that there were fireworks ….again!!

I like fireworks.

And this time there was a bonus as a violinist played along with the display. I am not sure , but I think this display was a gift from someone to the people of Pisticci. Judging by the reaction and the crowds and the cheering it was greatly appreciated.

It’s impossible to describe with mere words and photos the atmosphere at this year’s feste. I’m so happy that I was here and part of it.

It was so not a disappointment.

Small view of the crowds in all the streets with a view towards the piazza where the fireworks were set off.
Impossible to capture the scale and colours…..and the noise.

I came home ,tired but happy and sat on my doorstep with a glass of wine listening to the music from the Sputnik festival.


Today I was mostly tired. Someone came round to collect a painting, I read a lot, superglued my soles, weeded the garden and went uptown to buy paracetamols. I’m now waiting for someone else to look at paintings.

Last year I was part of an exhibition where I enjoyed being part of a group, but this year I’ve sold more paintings while staying at home.

I also enjoyed reading my new David Hockney book . I’m starting a new portrait on Monday. I wonder if what I’m looking at will influence me. Fluffy came to join me.

She’s sweet .

I’m sitting outside writing this as it’s nice and cool. There are people chatting further up the street. It feels sociable even though I’m alone.

It’s absolutely wine time now.( and an early night.)

Cheers 🍷🍷

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