2022 in Pisticci…mainly painting……

I thought it would be good to finish my latest local scene today , before I start a new portrait. I had written that I was” determined,” but decided ” determined ” is not a word that I would ever use about myself. It’s far too active and strong sounding. This week I was interested to see how un- extrovert I am. Being extrovert sounds like way too much work. I have thought that I was relatively friendly, but no one would describe me as outgoing. It doesn’t help not being fluent in Italian , though I can communicate reasonably well in a quiet place with one or two people and I think I am good at compliments.

Maybe I’m turning into my dad.

I console myself for not being more determined and outgoing by remembering that I can be composed. I can hold my place. The trouble is in this thrusting world where pushing and enthusiastic extroverts seem to be at least financially successful I do feel a bit left behind workwise.

Anyways, enough introspection for today


I’ve washed all my paintbrushes and am now ready to start painting tomorrow.

I enjoyed sitting outside this morning with my book and 3 cats.

You can just see the sunshine on the castle.
Fluffy brought friends.

It was very quiet when I went to the supermarket.

Hardly any cars about.

It looks like it might be stormy in the next few days which will suit me very well .

Now wine sounds good.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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