2022 in Pisticci..2nd day portrait painting and sold 4 paintings…..

And went to the supermarket  to get some exercise and take photos.

Before the storm……..

On my way home ….
A street full of scooters
A little back street
I love the way the light decorations look like lace.

It’s now raining heavily.

Decided not to sit outside…..
Right now.

This morning began with more David Hockney, coffee, eggs and enjoying the cool peace. I even did yoga outside.

Lovely light.

Then fluffy came to visit. I think she may have sneaked inside while I wasn’t looking and had a sleep on my bed.

She’s very friendly

I thought I’d have another try at sending my portrait reference photo to my tablet by email and this time I could open it. The image is so very much better on a screen than merely a printed photo.

I decided to try painting with confidence today and I’m pleased with the results. I spent a lot of time on the clothing and it turned out well.

I stopped when the tablet battery run out. It only charges when it’s turned off.

And then I sold 4 paintings and learned that my looser paintings are not so bad after all.

Now the rain is pouring down outside. ( free water…no water needed for flowers .)

It’s wine and Poirot time.


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