2022 in Pisticci..more portrait and then more local scene….

Today’s local scene, only a masochist could have chosen to paint. There was a bit of ” I wonder if I could paint that as it’s really difficult , and if I could, then I’d be a real artist…” and also a little of  “this scene is so typical of Pisticci.”

Work in progress…only a few hundred balconies to go……..

I’m painting it today as it’s  the most complicated one I have left to do.

I worked on the portrait this morning and then ran out of confidence. Too much fiddling with little bits and pieces. I think lack of confidence shows.

  So back to it tomorrow when obviously I will miraculously have discovered the secret to portrait painting.

That is, there is no secret. 

My new tablet arrived today and as I have been sticking to Samsung appliances then it is set up and working.

And it does stuff my old one wouldn’t do , like Google docs and, well, pretty much everything.

I now have an embarrassment  of gadgets……

Tomorrow my teeny tiny paintbrushes should arrive.

They should help with the hundreds of balconies, drainpipes etc….and should be kept away from the portrait except maybe in the final 5 minutes.

I sold another painting today. Flowers this time. It is impossible to forecast what people will buy.

It’s been a long day when I’ve felt a bit unsettled.

But now it’s wine time.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

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